Curiously Curated


All of our products are made with 100% soy wax, which means that they are free of toxins and pollutants. Since soy wax is made from soy beans they are a renewable source and biodegradable. Creating candles from soy also assists in helping to sustain farmers and agriculture across the United States. Also, since soy is a natural plant, it will release less black soot into the air than a paraffin candle.

Soy wax candles also burn longer due to them having a higher melting point.

Our glass vessels can be hand washed and recycled, which decreases the carbon footprint (make sure you abide by the appropriate channels of recycling glass in your county!).

The paper bags that we use to package up our customers' candles at farmers markets are 100% recyclable.

Our packing peanuts are biodegradable and can be easily rinsed down the sink.

Our tissue paper and packing tape is from NoIssue - a company whose number one priority is eco-friendly packaging. For every order we make through them, NoIssue plants a tree in support of global reforestation.

Our tissue paper and packing tape are 100% recyclable. Our packing tape is water activated and is made from soy based inks. You can read more about the eco friendly packing tape we use here.

At The Curious Fox, we continue to conduct extensive research to find other alternatives to reduce waste and to abide by our duty in producing sustainable products.